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Ghosts Of Web Site Past

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We don't know why, but we guess we kind of thought that Web sites representing companies that were obviously proven fraudulent and felonius would, as a matter of courtesy, either disgorge themselves from the Interweb, or, at the very least, stop updating.

But apparently not. Here's the official site of Scientific Nutrition For Advanced Conditioning, the fake foundation Victor Conte set up to promote ZMA. That was his zinc product he tried to sell by using testimonials from athletes like Barry Bonds and Bill Romanowski, who were repaid with cutting edge steroids. The famous picture of Conte and Bonds is STILL beaming from the front page of the site, and it's amusing to see that the list of athlete clients is still available. The usual suspects — Bonds, Tim Montgomery, Marion Jones — are there, but some surprising names include Dan Marino, Michael Chang, Jim Courier and Terrell Davis.


Oh, and you can still buy their products too.

Scientific Nutrition For Advanced Conditioning [Official Site]

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