Giant Monster Dunks On Poor Sucker; Poor Sucker Laughs

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San Antonio’s “sort of an odd thing” Boban Marjanović (pictured here) is 7-foot-3, very strong, and has hands the size of Manu Ginobili. What I am saying here is that one can only do so much to prevent him from catching and dunking basketballs. Sometimes he’s just gonna catch a basketball and dunk it!

Last night, at the tail end of another lopsided Spurs home win (side note: if the NBA season ended today, their +14.2 average point differential would be the highest in history, and they’re 24-0 at home), this absurd Serbian oaf hauled down an offensive rebound off a Danny Green miss, kinda flexed his toes a little, and hammered down a one-handed dunk over Dallas’s Jeremy Evans, who is half a foot and a hundred pounds smaller than him:

Video via YouTube

He then gave Evans a glowering stare-down, which was kinda weird in my opinion, like mean-mugging a dried leaf you just stepped on. When you are 7-foot-3 and 290 pounds and your arms look like a pair of telephone poles with giant octopi glued to their ends, you do not need to glower at people after dunking basketballs over them. Your existence is intimidating enough.

I don’t think Evans could have stopped Boban Marjanovic from doing this via any method that would not incur a lengthy prison sentence. So Evans did the only thing he could do: He chuckled. Jeremy Evans is a reasonable person. I like him.


Here is Marjanovic’s stare-down from another angle.


Screencap and GIF via YouTube

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