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Giants Fans Remain Most Erudite In Sport

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We once went to a St. Louis Cardinals-New York Yankees game at Yankee Stadium with a smattering of fellow Cardinals fans. There was a rain delay, and our group — all dressed in loud red, of course — watched the Bleacher Creatures amuse themselves, treating the benches like Slip-n-Slide's and participating in much genial tomfoolery. Then the Yankee fans looked up and saw this group of Cardinals fans looking at them; in unison, as if they had planned for this, started yelling, "DARRYL! KILE! DARRYL! KILE!" We Midwesterners were almost too shocked to be offended.

So we'll just say it didn't shock us when we read about Giants fans taunting Saints fans about Katrina during the Saints' "home" game last Monday. One Saints fan reported being taunted with "Where's your swimmies? I hope you have your swimmies!" and "You deserve what you got. New Orleans people are stupid." We have sympathy for the Saints fans, but, honestly, you guys were wearing Saints jerseys at the Meadowlands. You're lucky you didn't end up buried in the endzone.


Giants' Fans Sick "Kat" Calls [NY Daily News] (via Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer)

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