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Giants Shortstop Brandon Crawford Was An Adorable Little Voice Of Reason As A Child

This picture has apparently been floating around for a few weeks now, but it's news to us so maybe it's also news to you. According to The San Francisco Chronicle, this is a picture of a young Brandon Crawford with his father at a Giants game at Candlestick Park on September 27, 1992. At the time, many thought the Giants were headed for St. Petersburg and it would be the last Giants game ever played at Candlestick because owner Bob Lurie had agreed to sell the Giants to a group from Florida earlier in the summer.

Giants manager Roger Craig sp[oke] about outfielder Darren Lewis, who was the team's final batter of the game.
"One day, his grandkids will talk about it, that he made the last out at Candlestick," Craig said.


The Mr. White to whom Crawford was directing his puppy dog eyes was Bill White, the president of the National League. White spent a good deal of the summer trying to find anyone from San Francisco willing to buy the Giants and keep the team there. Finally, almost two months after that supposedly final game at Candlestick, Major League Baseball announced that Lurie would be selling the team to a group headed by former Safeway CEO, Peter Magowan—who had also spent a good portion of the summer convincing people to buy the Giants.

Mr. White, Magowan and Major League Baseball kept the Giants in San Francisco and a few weeks later new ownership made its first free agent signing—Barry Bonds.

Image via San Francisco Chronicle
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