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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Giants Stadium Won't Sell Alcohol At Jets Final Game

Illustration for article titled Giants Stadium Wont Sell Alcohol At Jets Final Game

In a utterly fitting tribute to their bizarre incestuous relationship, the New York Jets of New Jersey will play the final football game at Giants Stadium. They will also do it without the benefit of their traditionally sloshed fans.


The New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority has announced that there will be no alcohol served in the Meadowlands on Sunday when the building's AFC tenants turn out the lights against the Bengals. Not only is it the last football game ever at the not-that-old concrete palace, but it's also a night game with playoff implications for the home team. This decision is basically a public admission that Jets fans are nothing more than an unruly mob of drunken louts who can't be trusted to attend an important event without tearing the very building apart at the seams.

This is, of course, entirely correct.


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