As True Hoop has pointed out and we feel obliged to remind you of once again, Wizards singular voice of reason Gilbert Arenas has his own blog, and it's every bit as wonderful as you might have suspected it would be. Here's a few selections from the last couple of days:

PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii
Man, I couldn't get it. I stood outside no hours and got nothing. That's when you sit in your room and try to use your celebrityism. I didn't get nothing. I knew I should have called and said I was D-Wade. "Um, hello, this is D-Wade ... This is LeBron ... Can I come over there and get one of them?" Then I would have had one.

Actually, I do love coming to the NBA Studios because it means I'm going to be on TV. I'm about to get ready to do the Ahmad Rashad show . That's great. That's the second time of my career. I'm getting big now! People, I'm getting big. Y'all better watch out. Me and Ahmad go back like stocking caps and waves. We're gonna be tight.
All-Star Voting Time
I know ballots are out. I know Puffy had the Vote or Die, you know, with them shirts. You know, I want to have, "If no one votes for me, I'm not going to do anymore blogs."

It is a wonderful, replenishly awesome read, and we can't get enough of it. We find it hypnotic. We think we're gonna have a hamburger and call it turkey too.

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(Photo from the invaluable Wizznutzz Arenas photo gallery.)