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Gilbert Arenas Calls Caron Butler A Snitch In Rebuttal To Locker Room Guns Story

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Caron Butler’s recent account of the infamous incident in the Wizards locker room in 2009 involving Jarvaris Crittenton and Gilbert Arenas and one-to-five guns continues to make waves. The Washington Post ran an excerpt from his new book that provoked Arenas to write an rambling Instagram rebuttal to Butler, which he promptly deleted.

By Arenas’ telling, he wasn’t involved in the boo-ray game that incited Crittenton pulling a gun on him. He, once again, took to Instagram this morning and, once again, deleted the post about an hour after publication. Below is the full text and a screenshot of the post, where Arenas calls Butler a snitch, mentions that JaVale McGee and Crittenton ordered room service through his room every night on the road, and asks Butler for a signed copy of his new book:

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PART 2...the locker room....the reason im pointing out key facts name is being put in a light by someone who actually wasnt carons book he said Crit pulled out a gun ,cocked and loaded at me!!!!! okay im so fucking confused here @dsteve92 stop me if im lying....but wasnt CB the person who hiding crit gun and said it was a #IPOD?? i took a#FELONY becuz You told them #crit didnt have anything and i pointed the gun at him..thats why the world thinks im the one who pulled the Gun on my teammate and thats the story the team thought was correct...becuz u convinced the team he didnt have it....if ur story is correct in ur book #Toughjuice and he had a loaded gun pointed at me...HOW THE FUCK DID i get a felony charge and 30 days in a halfway house and all he got was a slap on the wrist and a misdemeanor charge and i didnt touch one gun or was near any guns took the DA 1 month to find his gun becuz u had it..i respected u as a teammate but this was foul knowing what u did....i kept my mouth close and u dry snitch the wrong story like u were a role model and some super teammate....ur a standup guy dont get me wrong,what u did for crit was what u should have done but what u did too me pls dont act like u liked us one bit,tawn,blatche,nick,dsteve,javale bwood You need our numbers???the reason im coming at u becuz we had a team meeting and like eddie once said too u(were just gonna call it how it is,a spade is a spade) good luck with the book tour but str8 Bullshit you did in this book...shit can i atleast get a signed copy lmaooooo for real since i have too live ur bullahit again hahahaha i had the most too LOSE and still sat there with my mouth closed and laughed with u....MY crime was Bring unloaded guns to a locker room...I paid that price...the famous lines of CB after i got suspended too the team (theres a new sheriff in town) haha.. for the record on EVERY road trip #crit #javale came to my room and ordered room service so they didnt have to spend their own money....(caron voice..crit didnt like his ways) hahahahaha the nigga liked my food lmaooo #Yi-yow



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