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Gilbert Arenas Is Not A Political Prisoner

DeShawn Stevenson gave over valuable ankle tape space, and fans brought signs reading "Free Gil" for today's game. It's the only evidence in the building he ever existed. We've always been at war with Eastasia.

Will the Wizards fans out there kindly explain this to the rest of us? Arenas isn't some kind of Mumia figure, where you can debate the charges against him. He brought guns into the locker room. He admitted it. And he's being suspended while the investigation against him proceeds.


There's really no more to it than that. I know he's a beloved figure in DC, but he's not being targeted here or being treated unfairly. I can't hope to know Stevenson's motivation, but here's hoping the fans with signs are just jackasses who really want to be on TV.

DeShawn Stevenson's Arenas tribute [D.C. Sports Bog]


The weekend done come and gone. Join us tomorrow when the fun machine starts up again.

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