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It must be frustrating for Gilbert Arenas sometimes, being stuck on a planet with people who couldn't possibly understand the way his world works. Sometimes, though, an intrepid reporter will try to break through.


Witness the following exchange after last night's win over the Bulls, from blogger Information Leafblower:

Leaf: "Gil, how would rate your swag tonight?"
Gilbert Arenas: [laughs] "It was a mellow swag until the end."
Leaf: "Is there a scale? Can you get better than phenomenal or is that the top?"
Gilbert Arenas: "No, phenomenal is the top. Phenomenal swag is the top swag."
Leaf: "So mellow swag is in the middle?"
Gilbert Arenas: "Yeah, you're just chilling."


We have no idea how this guy doesn't have his own church yet.

Leaf Vs. Agent Zero, Round Two [Information Leafblower]

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