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Gilbert Arenas Smashes His Own Car With A Cinder Block

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This is a strange one, though seeing as it involves Gilbert Arenas that probably should have been assumed. Earlier today, Arenas posted a video to his Instagram account. The video shows a hand holding a phone, and on that phone a video is playing that shows Arenas smashing a cinder block into a luxury car twice, saying “do you see how much I care?” to the cameraman:

Here is the caption that accompanies the video:

TMZ will be posting this tomorrow....listen: I DONT #March2014 she came to my calabasas house and broke EVERY SINGLE WINDOW so I decided too show her I’ll break my OWN shit before she does...Yes #TMZ both cars are mines and under my name....when someone breaks 34’s #DOYOUBRODY but when she toss ur #3 monitor computer in the pool,you’re like HELL MUTHA FYCKN NAW, I don’t remember my #Netflix password it was auto saved,you piece of shyt...#TMZ u take a person #Netflix away,nothing else matters....on a serious note this is kinda sad....I now get my kids every wensday and every other weekend,joint custody and 50/50 summer......but I guess when u want $244k a month and 1 day a month visitation and don’t get’ll spend ur days trying to destroy the other parent image so u can get full custody smdh...#TMZ here’s my comment: I LIKE NETFLIX... speaking of Netflix has anybody seen #Champs with Tysons holyfield and Hopkins???


Okay, there is a lot to work through here. First, it seems that Arenas posted the video to preempt some sort of report from TMZ. About an hour and a half after the video was posted TMZ published a piece on it, but it was mostly just a rehash of what occurred in the video.

Arenas claims that “she”—TMZ says it refers to his (now ex) girlfriend for over a decade, Laura Govan, who they wrote was “absolutely beaming with post break-up hotness” just yesterday—broke every window at his Calabasas, Calif. home in March 2014. In a seemingly poorly thought out plan, Arenas writes that he decided to throw the cinder block at his car “too [sic] show her I’ll break my OWN shit before she does.”

Arenas also claims that she threw his computer into the pool, and while he doesn’t seem too bothered by the loss of an expensive machine, he is pissed because he cannot remember his Netflix passwords that was autosaved on it.

In March, TMZ reported that Govan was suing Arenas after he allegedly kicked her out of the Los Angeles home they shared, and took back and sold the $1 million engagement ring he had given her. Arenas and Govan have four children together, and either as a part of this lawsuit or another one they are apparently fighting for custody. According to Arenas’s Instagram, Govan was seeking $244,000 a month in alimony and one day a month of visitation rights, but wasn’t granted it, and is now trying to destroy Arenas’s image.


Somehow, I have a feeling we haven’t seen the end of this story.


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