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Gilbert Arenas (Sort Of) Sets The Record Straight On Shoe-Pooping

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USA Today has a story today on Gilbert Arenas, who seems to be enjoying the quiet calm and relative anonymity of being a role player earning the veteran's minimum with the Memphis Grizzlies (that the Magic still have to pay him $60 million probably helps).

Arenas even opens up on a variety of his past eccentricities, at one point admitting, "The image I built was the image I was selling. I was selling the Agent Zero product." Arenas discusses the gun incident, former Wizards owner Abe Pollin, and Arenas's own history as a prankster, including that time he allegedly pooped in then-teammate Andray Blatche's shoes after Blatche had thrown Arenas's clothes in a jacuzzi, which Blatche only did because he believed Arenas had cut up his suit:

Arenas denied the suit-cutting because he wasn't in the building and insists it was another Wizards teammate. But Arenas was OK with playing that game. He got payback with Blatche's shoes.

"It was just dog doo-doo in it. It was really dog doo-doo. … I took his sole out, threw it under there, put the sole back on and threw the baby powder on there so he couldn't smell it," Arenas said.


That clears that up, I suppose. But it also leads to a few additional questions: Where did Arenas get the dog doo-doo? How did he get the dog doo-doo to the locker room? And why would he carry around dog doo-doo to do what he had to do to Blatche?

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Arenas: Gun episode now ancient history [USA Today]

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