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Gisele Was The Only Good Fan

Bob Levey/Getty Images

Think back to last night’s broadcast: Did you see many crowd shots that didn’t focus on celebrities? Did you see any? You did not, and you never do at the Super Bowl, because the NFL allocates the vast majority of tickets to corporate sponsors. There just aren’t that many actual fans of either team there.

The person most excited to be in Houston may very well have been Gisele Bündchen, who we know lives and dies with husband Tom Brady’s and the Patriots’ fortunes.


Here’s Gisele getting hyped before kickoff:

Here she is letting loose during a break in the action:

Here she is dropping her enormous phone. She’s just like us!

And here is she, completely losing her shit (and filming it) after the Patriots won:


She seems fun, and she hasn’t sent me a taunting email today (yet), so congrats to the only good Patriots fan.

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