We congratulate Tom Glavine on earning his 300th win last night. We also appreciate that he didn't drag it out too long; unlike some people, he hasn't taken so long that we find ourselves rooting for him to break a record we don't actually want him a break, just so everyone will be quiet.

Glavine's win over the Cubs last night pretty much completes his career; he's got his Cy Young, his World Series title and his 300th win. He's assured of the Hall of Fame โ€” as if he wasn't there already โ€” but we're not sure certain he'll ever be even close to as revered as his buddy Greg Maddux, or even John Smoltz. Mets fans have always found him a little bloodless and mercenary โ€” you know he would have gone back to Atlanta this offseason if they could have afforded him โ€” and his style of pitching has never been wholly inspiring. (As opposed to Maddux, whose battle with Barry Bonds on Friday we'll talk about later today.)

We're happy for Glavine, who's gonna retire after this season. And we recognize how difficult it's gonna be for anyone else to hit 300. But we feel neither elevated or blessed by the experience; we give Glavine a golf clap, wish him well and move on.

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