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Glen Davis Talks A Whole Bunch Of Shit About Doc Rivers

Glen “Big Baby” Davis has always had something of a tense relationship with his former coach, Doc Rivers. During an interview with Fox Sports’ Chris Broussard, Davis released some of that tension and took a few shots at Rivers.


The conversation about Rivers began with Davis saying that he doesn’t like what Rivers is doing with the Clippers organization right now. He went on to say that he didn’t like how Rivers handled his exit from the Clippers, which was spurred by an ankle injury that Davis claims was misdiagnosed. He went on:

When you win a championship with somebody, you don’t treat nobody like that. No matter if it’s a business or not, because it’s bigger than basketball between us, Doc. I’ve never left you at the altar. I’ve never left you at the altar. I never left. You got get Spencer Hawes, he does nothing, you gotta trade him. You got me on the bench, knowing that I could play, but you still go play Spencer Hawes... you’re just trying to cover your own butt because Spencer’s not panning out the way you want him to pan out, and I just don’t like that.


Davis then shared his opinion on why Rivers hasn’t found the same level of success in Los Angeles as he did in Boston:

What Doc had in ’08 was special and he was lucky as hell. Lucky as hell. The year before that they was wearing trash bags, but then the next year they win it, now he is one of the best coaches ever? I’m just not feeling that. You know what I mean? You give credit to KG. You give credit to Paul Pierce. You give credit to Ray Allen. Those are the guys who made sure whatever Doc needed to be done, got done.

And see now it’s easy for Doc to do his job. And then you give credit to Danny Ainge. That’s the one you give credit to. Because I know multiple times he had to talk to Doc, just to say “Hey Doc, leave em alone. Hey Doc, ease up.”


I’m off that Doc tip. He’s a great guy but as far as that basketball stuff but I try to...

Big Baby is definitely Mad Baby throughout this interview, but the man has some points. You can listen to the whole thing here:


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