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God, Cincinnatians Must Be Miserable People

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Celebrating their first division title in 15 years, some members of the Reds lit up victory cigars in the clubhouse. No fewer than five people watching on TV promptly called the health inspector to report a violation of the city's smoking ban.

Ohio has a law against smoking indoors, and the Great American Ballpark isn't exempt. So those cigars are technically a violation of the ban (and if Aroldis Chapman brought his own, that's a violation of a number of trade embargoes).

Here's what happens next. Reds owner Bob Castellini will receive a letter officially notifying him of the violations. Then, a health inspector must make an unannounced visit to the clubhouse sometime in the next 30 days, so, during the playoffs. If he observes anyone smoking, the team, as owners of the stadium, will be fined $100. So I'm sure the Reds are hiring a good lawyer as we speak.


The commenters on the story seem certain it was members of the Cardinals that called in the violations. But aren't La Russa and Pujols libertarians?

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