God, The NFC South Is So Awful

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Mike Smith and the Falcons used poor clock management and sheer willpower to lose on a last-second field goal to the Browns today. (Congrats, Browns!) Atlanta is now 4-7, and still has a chance at first place in the NFC South after the week's over, because the NFC South is so fucking bad, top to bottom.


The 4-6 Saints play tomorrow, and if they win, they'll take first place with a 5-6 record. If New Orleans loses, the Falcons go back to first place with their 4-7 record—all four wins coming against NFC South teams—because they beat the Saints in Week 1. Oh, and the Bucs, who lost today and sit at 2-9, still technically have a shot at winning the NFC South and getting into the playoffs. (The 3-7-1 Panthers, also in the hunt, are on a bye this week.) Every team but the Saints has a negative point differential, though there's still time depending on tomorrow's outcome.

Also, the NFC South can't really beat any teams that aren't in the NFC South:

God, they suck.

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