Goddammit, Indians Fans

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The Cleveland Indians had to know their racist-ass logo would inspire some of their numbnuts fans to show up to the first Indians World Series game since 1997 in headdresses and redface.

In fact, Jim Stamper, pictured above with the “Magic Number 2" sign appears to be carrying this trend right over from 1997!


The Indians have no explicit rules against racially insensitive garb, per the publicly listed ballpark policies, and an Indians media relations employee did not respond to an email seeking clarification.

Here’s some of the ways Indians fans are celebrating Game 1:

This appears to be the same proud, honorable fan:


Not sure if this guy decided to drop a couple grand to get to the game, but he sure went all-out for the day:


If you wanted to celebrate the Cavs getting their Finals rings tonight while watching the Indians play, maybe you should pick up one of these. LeBron’s wife, Savannah, celebrated Halloween last year in “warpaint” and a headdress, anyway:


This isn’t exactly new territory for Indians fans, many of whom are eager to point out that the logo isn’t actually racist because it wasn’t meant to be racist, or that Chief Wahoo is fine because he reminds them of watching baseball with their dads, or that they heard Native Americans have other shit to worry about.

The only difference today is that these jabronis are showing their asses on a national stage. With any luck, their efforts will inadvertently assure that Chief Wahoo won’t survive the glare of what should be one of the most-watched World Series in recent history.