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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

There may not be a better ticket in sports right now than the Golden State Warriors, and that has a lot to do with the fact that Steph Curry is liable to do something that will leave you slack-jawed and drooling on any given night.


Like this collection of plays from last night’s game against the Thunder, for example. They are all absurd in their own way, but it’s that first one—an off-handed between-the-legs hesitation dribble followed by a little playground-ball flip high off the glass—that gets me.

The thing about that move is that it’s nearly impossible to comprehend at full speed. In one moment, Curry is bearing down on Russell Westbrook with the ball in his left hand. Then there’s a brief flicker of movement, a little hitch in Curry’s step, and he’s suddenly past everyone, swooping up toward the rim to finish his cockeyed layup. The crowd went nuts, without even really being sure of what exactly Curry had just done, I think, because it’s always a safe bet to assume that Steph Curry has just done something amazing.

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