Golf Course's 9/11 Discount Promotion Goes Real Bad, Real Fast

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Wednesday is the 12th anniversary of the day terrorists crashed two planes into the World Trade Center, another into the Pentagon and yet another was downed in a field in Pennsylvania. All told, close to 3,000 people died. Nine holes for just $9.11! 18 for $19.11, which barely makes sense, but it's got 9/11 in it! We'll even throw in a cart!

As you can imagine, things ended poorly for the golf course. They first apologized while pledging to honor those who had already booked under the advertised prices of $9.11 and $19.11 and discontinued any future "commemorative" sales. As a show of good faith, they would then donate the difference between the coupon rate and their normal rates to a 9/11 charity for any subsequent reservations.


It became too much for the course to handle. In just thirty minutes, Tumbledown Trails went from offering discounts to not knowing whether it'll even be open Wednesday.