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Golfers, Getting Huge

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MJD told you a little about this weekend, and it's certainly been discussed, but damn: Tiger Woods is really freaking jacked all of a sudden. It has some wondering whether Tiger's appearance is what inspired the PGA to finally instate steroid testing, just a few days after the U.S. Open and after years of resisting.

In particular, I would direct you towards the last part of [PGA commish Tim Finchem's] statement: "If we had reason to believe there was a violation, then we could resort to testing." Well Tim, you are now resorting to testing. So by your own logic you then must have reason to believe there was a violation (i.e. that people on the tour would not pass these drug tests). That is what you said, no?


Obviously, no one is saying Tiger Woods is on steroids ... but we are curious why, exactly the PGA suddenly decided it wanted drug testing?

But don't worry: Most golfers are still fat.

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