The postgame handshake is one of amateur sports' grandest rituals, with combatants coming together to congratulate each other on a contest well played. It's also a great time, if you're a jerk, to play pranks, particularly ones involving knives.

At Blake High School in Washington, D.C., a player slipped a little surprise in his handshake.

In single file, Magruder's players and coaching staff met their Blake counterparts at the 50-yard line, shaking hands and mumbling a cursory "good game." About halfway through, Miller said, things went awry.

One after another, three Magruder players felt a dull pain in the palms of the right hands and saw blood dripping. A Blake player, who was not in uniform, allegedly carried a small folding knife and cut the hands of three players, who didn't realize their wounds until a couple of seconds later.

Blake had just lost 55-7, which might explain some of the rancor. If you don't think Bill Belichick is seeing this and taking notes, well, you should probably think that.

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