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For those of you who have been searching for an alternative to "Mike & Mike in the Morning," and don't mind detailed analysis of pelvic thrusting, there's this: Dribble with Roy and H.G., a World Cup soccer studio show out of Germany, with Australian hosts. (So right away you know it's good.)

In this episode, Roy and H.G. examine the World Cup opening events, including "whipping," and something called Bellringing, an activity that was invented God-knows-how (we just pray it didn't involve cows). The great thing about this show is that Roy (pictured on the right) and H.G. begin the show sitting practically on top of each other; Roy may actually be on his partner's lap. Hey, it's Australia.


Actually we now discover that the two are fairly famous Aussie comedians, responsible for all manner of sports-related antics in their home country. Man, we just don't understand Australian humor.

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