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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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Since the talk of steroids and HGH can be so tiring, I thought it might be fun to get back to the basics... you know, marijuana, LSD, cocaine, that sort of thing. It's not brand new, and I believe it originally appeared in a special sports issue of a magazine called Frank 151, but if you haven't seen the Illustrated History of Recreational Drugs and Sports, it's worth more than a few minutes of your Sunday.

The words are by Nick Strini and Chris Isenberg, and the illustrations by James Blagden, as you can see, are top shelf.


A couple of my favorites...

1970 - Pittsburgh Pirates' pitcher Dock Ellis throws a no-hitter will tripping on LSD. "The ball was small sometimes, the ball was large sometimes, sometimes I saw the catcher, sometimes I didn't. Sometimes I tried to stare the hitter down and throw while I was looking at him. I chewed my gum until it turned to powder. They say I had about three to four fielding chances. I remember diving out of the way of a ball I thought was a line drive. I jumped, but the ball wasn't hit hard and never reached me."

1993 - Robert Parish, the oldest player in the NBA is arrested when police find marijuana in his home and in a FedEx package addressed to him. Parish and Alaa Abdelna are rumored to be called "Chief and Chong" by teammates.


This is what the Internet is for.

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