As we told you earlier, tragedy befell Aqueduct racetrack early this morning when Kentucky Derby and Preakness winner Big Brown injured his right front hoof during a workout. He was immediately retired. And as you may have guessed, it didn't take long for horse fans to burst forth with their emotions, which, as usual, spilled into the absurd and inevitably reverted to the old crazy horse-person stand-bye, Barbaro. We take you now to the Alex Brown Racing Forum: โ€ข And then the deafening cheers for him when he stepped on the track and then again when he won. You know horses love the cheers and he got tons of them at Monmouth! I know he will carry these memories with him. (I believe that if animals can have dreams- which they do- then they can have memories too!) He retired WINNING and I'm so happy for that. Heck, Monmouth created a race just for him to run! My daughter, husband and I each have the BB long sl. tee shirts from the Monmouth Stakes along with wonderful memories and great pics of this brilliant colt.........he will always be special to us! โ€” Monica โ€ข he will never โ€” i hope โ€” have to endure compromising confusion again โ€” but the quiet company as he heals of his immediate loving circle. a blessing in disguise. maybe not a race goer's remark but a loving remark. may he be surrounded with love. โ€” martita โ€ข God loves you, BIG BROWN, and so do I! I wish you a safe and speedy recovery from what sounds like a very painful injury, and a life of ease and contentment...YOU DESERVE IT! โ€” Nancy โ€ข Ah, yes.... Barbaro...... he def. was part of this. To think BB had to kick himself in the leg to get them to listen. This was a BIG LESSON that I hope is learned by all those humans that these horses depend on to care for them. โ€” sylversky47 โ€ข I know you didn't ask me but I believe that God had a higher purpose for Barbaro and Eight Belles. Sometimes it doesn't seem fair but I truly believe that there was another purpose in mind for them. โ€” Mary in MD โ€ข THE NAME, BARBARO How can it be A year since you left Without you We're still bereft We cried in pain Felt torn apart Heaven truly rained Flooding our heart When first I heard... I cried, "NO" You can't leave us You can't go I miss you Longing for might have been For your life to continue The greatest win We don't always get What we hope to be There's a bigger plan Beyond you and me So we carry on Though a piece of heart did go Written on that piece The name, BARBARO..... โ€” Pam Alex Brown Racing Forum Big Brown Retiring After Hurting Hoof [New York Times]