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Goodnight, Friends

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I suspect that it will be surreal when I wake up next Saturday and have nothing to write. There's a good chance I won't know what to do with myself and I'll end up writing an 11,000 word essay on why I suspect that Ron Gardenhire suffers from erectile dysfunction.


Barring that, I don't know what I'll be doing with myself. There's really no grand reason for my departure ... I'd just like to reclaim my weekends for a little while, and maybe explore some new things ... like sunshine, fresh air, and social interaction with people who aren't my dog. And it's probably time for a new voice here anyway.

Anyway, I hope that this "goodbye" post isn't too self-indulgent, but I did want to thank everyone for putting up with me here ... I sincerely appreciate all the well-wishes and the thanks in the comments, and the ones I've gotten via e-mail. Really. It makes a blogger feel good.

And I want to thank Will, too, for allowing me to dabble here on this incredible creation of his. He's been fantastic to me, and seems like just about the nicest guy on the planet. I can't thank him enough for the opportunity.

I trust that you'll be in good hands on the weekends ... soft, warm, loving hands, that never touch you in inappropriate places. And it's not like this is the last you'll see of me ... I suspect that I'll resurface here every now and then, and hopefully, you'll stop by and visit The Debriefing. It's a daily column/blog hybrid, where I'm not allowed to use words like cocksucker, cunt, dildo, rimjob, motherfucker, or cocktease ... let alone show you pictures of kicker cock.

Sorry. I figured I should get all of that out of my system now, while I can. It's been fantastic here, and I'll miss it. And all of you. I'll seeya around.