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Goodnight, Marty: Don't Let The Door Hit You

We're not sure what more one can say about Chargers coach Marty Schottenheimer. We do have a suggestion though: Maybe it's time to start wearing that headset like every other coach. That way, perhaps you won't end up challenging calls that obviously aren't going to be overturned, costing you a timeout that, uh, you probably could have used while trying to set up a game-tying field goal. Just a thought. You know why nobody ever gives Schottenheimer a break when it comes to his postseason record? Because he clearly doesn't deserve one.

It's strange, really; Schottenheimer has gone from rooting interest for a Super Bowl to a guy who very well might lose his job this week. (We always found him an odd match with that team anyway.) Chargers fans — we haven't had the heart to talk to The Mighty MJD yet this morning — have to be devastated, and wonder if it's ever going to happen for them. It's clearly not going to happen with Schottenheimer in charge; that much is now clear.


And the rest of us? Aw, it's Manning vs. Brady again. We're not watching a single CBS promo this week. We just can't.

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