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Illustration for article titled Google Translating WBC Coverage: The Medieval Wars Pitchers Can Not Stop Cubas Gunfire

Cuba demolished Chinese Taipei on Saturday, eliminating Taiwan from the World Baseball Classic, by a score of 14-0. three Cuban pitchers held Chinese Taipei to just three hits. The game ended under the mercy rule in the seventh, following an eight-run sixth inning for Cuba. According to Google Translate, The China Times is left looking for answers.

Pan Weilun situation is not good, can not suppress the Japanese fire. "Xiezhang Heng Guo Wang Zhiqiang force relay to defuse the crisis, he continued to vote according to the scheduling decision," he was clearly a little tired, although his fighting spirit is very strong, but the ball dropped yesterday against the Cuba will let him rest. "

China team dispatched by Herman, one after another after Lin Yi Hao Yang Yao-Hsun are situation forced launch Teng board, the grass total originally did not want to send a two-person race in Japan, because the Japanese team on their pitch too familiar. " said.

Xiechang Heng said Chinese team less a pitcher, or a good chance you can win in Japan, is less Zhengkai Wen and Luo Jiaren, "I know this is the weakness of the Chinese Taipei team, but not be able to solve."

Lost to Japan, pitcher combat power is almost exhausted, led to the the medieval war's pitchers can not stop Cuba gunfire, feed the ball to the pitcher, but the left-hander HUANG Qin Zhi Teng board ultimately did not become the only player not play.

Little more than a pitcher, pitching coach the group does not believe the election coming election that they do not need his, not to mention, these people are the coaches selected whether pitcher strength, or the coach will not use? Is worth exploring.


Definitely worth exploring.

The bullpen less 1 team succeed, [China Times]


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