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Google Video, Jose Canseco And You

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We're not sure how we'd react if attacked by a leopard; probably curl up like an armadillo and roll toward the nearest large body of water. But we would hope that it would be a manly, dignified roll. We wouldn't want to go out squealing like a Girl Scout, as you can hear in this video. The reason we mention this is that we were playing around with Google Video this morning, trying to find something on Jose Canseco. The service has been out for awhile now, but be aware that there are still some bugs. We typed "Canseco" into the search field, and the first thing that came up was the video of a park ranger poking a leopard with a stick. Bad idea, by the way.


Then we found a video of a tornado at a soccer game. Then, a Jan., 2005 Suns at Timberwolves game. And this, which we suspect is not how Howard Hughes got started. Still no sign of Canseco so far ...

And yes: We noticed it was a slow news day too.

Google Video: Trash Mixed With Treasure [New York Times]

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