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Heat point guard Goran Dragic took an elbow to the face during last night’s game against the Raptors (and got called for the foul, adding insult to injury), and had to receive eight stitches on his bottom lip before he could return to the game. This is the third time this season that Dragic has gotten his face rearranged on the court, and I’m starting to worry about him.

Back in December, Dragic caught an elbow from Al Horford and lost one of his teeth. Less then a month ago, he lost another tooth when Spencer Dinwiddie bonked him in the chops. The destruction goes back even further, though, according to what Dragic told reporters after last night’s game (via Sun Sentinel):

“I’ve lost five teeth,” he says.

He pushes his nose to the left.

“It was way over here — four bones broken in it,” he says. “I was 16. Even now, when you look at me straight on, my nose goes to the side.”


“It’s funny, I’ve got a lot but only on the left side of my face,” he says. “Four, five, six stitches at a time. Only one really bad one. I bumped heads with Mo Williams in Portland …”


I bet there are hockey players who have had better luck keeping their faces straight. For his part, Dragic doesn’t seem to mind losing his chompers on the court, he just wishes the refs would cut him some slack when he does:

Here is a free piece of advice for Goran Dragic: It’s probably time to invest in a mouth guard, man!

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[Sun Sentinel]

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