An occasional miscellany (with a head nod toward this great old post on Runner's World's website).

Arrested after punching car, driver

Attacked with rock

Attempted to rescue drowning victim

Bag placed over head of

Dragged into Australian bushland

Fell into manhole

Fought off robber

Found stabbing victim

Genitals exposed to (in Buckinghamshire, England)

Genitals exposed to (in Everett, Wash.)

Genitals exposed to (in Philadelphia)

Genitals exposed to (in Superior Township, Washtenaw County, Mich.)

Genitals exposed by (in Ann Arbor, Mich.)

Gored to death by Indian bison

Hit by ATV

Hit in face with wine glass

Hit by stray gunfire

Ice thrown at

Leg broken by car

Overheard a murder


Spotted in the nude

Struck by car

Struck and killed by car

Struck by truck trailer

Threatened by teenagers

Witnessed an electrocution

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