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Grant Hill's Goodbye Party Was Not Much Fun

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Out of politeness more than anything else, I thought maybe I should take a second to acknowledge that the NBA did still exist and actually operated on the NFL's special day. Its importance, obviously, is miniscule when in comparison to the issue of which college superstars will lead last year's 3-13 NFL teams to 6-10 records next year. But they're playing these games anyway, so let's talk about them.


The Orlando Magic's team doctors are about to find themselves with a lot of free time. Grant Hill's contemplating retirement in the wake of Detroit's 97-93 win yesterday. The Magic led by 5 with about 3 minutes play, but things reverted back to the norm over those last three minutes. But Detroit scored 17 points over those last three minutes, and the Magic is gone.

In the late game, Utah beat Houston 98-85 in a game that wasn't nearly that close. Mehmet Okur made an appearance, and was finally up to the daunting task of outscoring Chuck Hayes. Okur had 16 and frustrated Yao (who still had 20) at the defensive end. Andrei Kirilenko, meanwhile ... still starting, and still resembling a D-Leaguer. Three points in 29 minutes.

The Spurs took back control of their series against Denver, winning their second straight after dropping Game One. Duncan, Ginobili, and Parker combined for 60, while Robert Horry — and I think I have to call him "Big Shot Bob" or lightning will strike me — made some plays at the end. As if he makes plays at any other time.

And Cleveland took one more step towards eliminating the Wizards. You have one game left to enjoy the Wizards.

Potentially going home today are the Miami Heat, who are tipping off right about now against the Bulls, and Superstar Kwame Brown looks to even the Lakers series against the Suns at 3:30.