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Former Duke shithead Grayson Allen was part of the trade that sent Mike Conley from the Grizzlies to the Utah Jazz last month. You may have lost track of Allen in Utah, where he played just 38 games and spent a bunch of time in the developmental league, and you may therefore be surprised and disappointed to learn that his penchant for goonery is apparently alive and well.

In what is now an annual tradition, Thursday night Allen turned a summer league contest against a better NBA prospect into an opportunity to do some unnecessarily violent shit, out of nowhere. Last summer it was against Atlanta’s Trae Young, this summer it’s against Boston rookie Grant Williams, who it must be said handled the whole affair with admirable restraint.


A very satisfying part of this video is ESPN broadcaster and former college basketball coach Dan Dakich just ruthlessly roasting Allen throughout. It takes a special sort of asshole to get ejected from a summer league game for committing two flagrant fouls in eight seconds of game clock, but as has been firmly established over his basketball career, Allen is just such an asshole.

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