Toronto Mayor Rob Ford had a knack for capturing the attention of the internet even before it was revealed that he is a big fan of smoking crack. Let's take a look back at more innocent times, when Ford entertained us with bumbling antics that did not involve smoking crack.

We first jumped on the pre-crack-smoking Rob Ford bandwagon when we say him try to hike a football.

He further delighted us by smashing his ostensibly crack-free face into a camera.


Then he went ahead and put on a Maple Leafs jersey and posed for a picture with the Hamburglar, without a crack pipe.


And who can forget the time he thought Jose Canseco was a serious threat to his mayoral seat? What were you smoking, Mr. Mayor? (Crack. He was smoking crack.)

Unfortunately, this latest scandal will probably lead to the end of Rob Ford doing funny things for the internet to laugh at. Thanks for the memories, Rob.