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Los Angeles Times columnist T.J. Simers touched a nerve with Philadelphia's finest cranks when he penned his pre-NLCS column about the long-established crappiness about my fair city of Brotherly Shove. To wit: "It's an angry place, all right, everything old here in Philadelphia, crumbling and in ruin. Even the city's main attraction has a crack in it.So the prevailing opinion around here is you have to be an obstinate pug to make it in Philly, the football team tough, the hockey team a bunch of bullies and the Phillies rugged competitors like Larry Bowa." Simers' main point was that Philadelphia, for its pugnacious reputation, is still a city of perpetual losers and should not be feared. That's fine. T.J. Simers has a job to do. Of course, the testy Philadelphia fans played right into it and inundated the poor old hack's email account with obscenity-laced responses. Admittedly, I've lashed out at columnists over the years who've taken the oh-they-booed-Santa cheap shots Philadelphia. I once wrote Charlotte Observer columnist Tom Sorensen a thoughtlessly cruel email prior to the 2003 NFC Championship game against Carolina. I made fun of his hair, Rae Carruth, wished illness upon his family members — all that stuff. Sorensen went to that game and saw the worst of the worst of Philly fandom as the Panthers and Ricky Manning, Jr. smoked the Eagles 14-3. I believe his wife was heckled or had beer chucked on her or something. So his column the day after both gloated and condemned the fans for their unruly behavior and wished 100 years of loserdom upon us. (It kind of worked so far. Tom Sorensen can curse your city for life, apparently.) So this is my suggestion: I'd love to know the worst Philadelphia fan experiences from those who've either attended games in the city or written a negative story about Philadelphia only to have their email boxes bursting with angry responses . You know, "typical Philly" stuff. Might as well get it all out now and in one location. It'll be a fun thing to look at next week as the series moves to LA and will give columnists in Boston or Tampa a jump-start on their own anti-Philly columns should the Phillies make it to the World Series. (Fingers crossed. Not a jinx. ) Email me with your vileness:


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