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Greetings, Redux

So, for those of you who weren't up at 3:15 a.m. this morning and didn't see my initial greeting being posted(timestamp said 9:15 a.m, for fuck's sake), well here we are again. Anyway, wake up sleepy heads. It's a glorious day to sit at home and watch me mess up this place with reckless abandon.

My name is A.J. Daulerio. Please contact me with all questions, problems, complaints. You can find all of that relevant information by clicking the volleyball woman's sandy crack.


Please watch all the Berman videos below before they get erased. If anybody knows how to encrypt that shit so it can't be thoughtlessly ganked of the YouTubes, please let me know.

On with the show. On with the show. Come on,, no, no.

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