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Greg Hardy Made A Stripper-Heavy Rap Video While Suspended

Greg Hardy recently returned from a suspension that he earned for allegedly violently abusing his former girlfriend. He’s come back and has basically said all the wrong things, including that he’d return, “guns blazing.” You might recall he allegedly threw his then-girlfriend onto a bed covered in guns and threatened to kill her.

He also talked to the Dallas Morning News and more or less talked about how horny Gisele Bundchen made him:

“Have you seen his wife? I hope she comes to the game. I hope her sister comes to the game, all her friends come to the game. One of my favorite games of the year, guys.”

This is a man who not only is accused of beating his girlfriend, but seems not to grasp that he did anything wrong. So of course, during his suspension, he made an, at best, tone deaf rap video:

It’s been up for a month, and TMZ Sports found it recently.

Hardy will play this week against the Patriots after serving his four-game suspension. At the end of his interview with local media, a reporter told him he also thought Blake Bortles’ wife was most likely attractive and Hardy got aroused again, saying:

“Is she?” Hardy asked. “This kind of information is important. That’s how I select my Pro Bowls.”


Update (11:51 a.m.): A previous edition of this post had Hardy rapping “Crack a bitch,” while he in fact is rapping “Kraken, bitch,” which is his rap alias.


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