Oden held a press conference with Portland media, and did the right thing in owning up to the photos. Now that the news cycle has played out, maybe we can put Greg Oden's penis behind us.

The salient points: the photos were taken a year-and-a-half ago and sent to a young lady with whom he was having a relationship. He was woken up at 6 in the morning today by a phone call, telling him his penis was all over the internet. He's very, very sorry, and his teammates are giving him a ton of shit.

Blazer's Edge has a great rundown of the festivities, but here's the highlight:

A new low on the Blazers beat came when an unidentified and unfamiliar female media member asked Oden if he might be happy that the pictures came out because "everyone was impressed." Oden tilted his head to the side, shrugged his shoulders and chose his words carefully but seemed slightly rattled by the question.


Greg Oden Admits Nude Pictures Are Real, Apologizes, Is "Embarrassed" [Blazer's Edge]