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Gregg Williams Is Still A Hometown Hero As Far As Applebee's Is Concerned

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Former Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams has been mostly out of the public eye since he became the poster boy for the NFL's bounty problem. But as host of an annual charity golf tournament, you get to talk to reporters for a little bit. Williams spoke briefly before refusing to comment on anything further, but he did indicate that he plans on coaching again at some point. Though Williams has not spoken to commissioner Roger Goodell recently, he did say that he "does not plan on being in coaching exile forever." Though they have not spoken, Williams did extend Goodell an invite to his tournament that went unanswered.

Coaches from the St. Louis Rams, the team he was tapped to defensively coordinate before being suspended indefinitely, made appearances at the event and talked up Williams.

Two Rams assistants — Joe Bowden and Clyde Simmons — came in for Williams' tournament Friday. Simmons said he has no doubt Williams will coach again in the NFL, possibly next year.

"Absolutely," Simmons said. "He's too good of a coach and a person."

That's all well and good. The respect and admiration of your colleagues will go a long way in convincing people you've changed, but Williams needs a silver bullet.

There were no prominent advertisements for his event this year. It's not that the town is ashamed of the native son who has been the face of the bounty scandal; they just wanted to keep the media circus away.

Williams' picture is still displayed prominently at the Applebee's in town, below a sign that says, "Hometown Heroes."



Hey, if you happen to be near the Applebee's in Excelsior Springs, Missouri snap us a pic and drop us a line, why don't you?

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