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Did I stay up late to watch Willy Taveras' amazing game-saving catch? No. Red Bull tends to give me the runs, not wings. But have I already watched it a few hundred times on SportsCenter this morning? You betcha! God is good, Christopher Llyod is great.


Yeah, make no mistake about it, folks, there are angels in that Colorado outfield. How else do you explain Taveras sprinting 125 feet in about five seconds to absolutely rob Tony Clark of a would be game-changing seventh-inning hit? How!?!? Exactly. (Points to the sky.)

Four innings later, it was Jose Valverde — Ha-ha! — walking Taveras on four straight pitches with the bases jacked in the 11th. Rockies 3, D-backs 2. Game. And just like that Cinderella is two wins away from the World Series.

Black Jesus is good, Purple God is better.

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