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"Groupie Expert" Lets People Know Why Steve McNair Was Killed

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The Daily Beast explores the unseemly rules of sports mistressing, ones that Sahel Kazemi or Steve McNair blatantly ignored. If only they'd played within these imaginary, inhuman guidelines for their affair, both would be alive today.

Author Lisa DePaulo, who also chronicled the short-skirted hoochiedom of NBA groupies for GQ, reveals that once news of McNair's death-by-mistress story broke she instantly knew that the 20-year-old violated the tramp laws. So she summoned Brenda Thomas, her groupie expert source from the GQ piece, to spell-out where both Kazemi and McNair screwed up. Here's what this person had to say:

On Falling In Love: "You don't fall in love, okay? And you don't let them know you're in love with them. Because then they begin to push back, they know at that point, you're gonna be needy, you're gonna want them to leave the wife… They want something that's stress free. They don't want nobody saying, ‘Where you going?' Cause they can get that at home."


On Buying Trucks For Your Mistress:"You don't buy a truck, with the girl, in both of your names. And you send somebody else to pick up the girl from the police station after she gets arrested for drunk driving. You don't do that all stuff."

Kazemi Should Have Had The Good Sense To Eschew Birth Control:"If she played by the rules, she would have just gotten knocked up. And then she would have had child support payments for life. But she got in too deep. I mean, thank God that other women that she followed, she didn't knock her off too! "

Dummy. Now of course the Jezebel ladies had a field day with this piece, but the Daily Beast had a horrified male commenter who was even more screechy and appalled:

I guess Lisa's telling the truth. Makes me sad though. 80-90% of pro athletes cheat. OMG!? As the father of two daughters, I wonder what makes women think this horrible self-distructive behavior is a good thing. I used to be jealous of men who attracted sexy women. Now I just feel dirty knowing the 'rules' exist.


$100 says that guy's wife is cheating on him with a professional athlete.

The Secret Code Of Sports Mistresses [The Daily Beast]

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