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Some great fun from the is-it-fictional-or-not-who-cares? groupie blind item On the DL this morning. Here's today's highlight:

Pity the supposedly hunky catcher who stripped to his boxer briefs and jumped into a hotel pool with two lovely underwear-clad ladies, very, very late one drunken night. It was warm out, but the pool was closed and unheated. Catcher and the ladies started shrieking because of the cold.

Catcher's teammate, a pitcher he did not get along with, looked out from his room to see what the screaming was about. When he saw who it was, Pitcher ran out to the pool, dove into the pool fully clothed, and pantsed Catcher. Pitcher had climbed out of the pool and run off somewhere with Catcher's boxer briefs before Catcher figured out what had happened.

The ladies started to try to help him out of the pool, but when they caught sight of his sadly inadequate private area, they started laughing so hard they dropped him back into the pool. They staggered off and left him there, cowering and cursing. Hotel security had to fish him out, wrap him in a sheet, and get him back to his room. The team fined him for breaking curfew. Needless to say he didn't get any that night.

And that, boys and girls, is the REAL reason why Catcher refused, from that day forward, to catch for Pitcher ever again.

We don't have the slightest idea who that could possibly be. Check out the site, and let's play the guessing game!

Look, There Was Shrinkage [On the DL]