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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Grumpy Hater Jonathan Papelbon Doesn't Think Yasiel Puig Is An All-Star

Illustration for article titled Grumpy Hater Jonathan Papelbon Doesnt Think Yasiel Puig Is An All-Star

Everyone loves Yasiel Puig, because Yasiel Puig has done nothing but be completely awesome since being called up by the Dodgers one month ago. Everyone except Phillies closer Jonathan Papelbon, that is, who thinks that it would be "a joke" if Puig made the National League all-star team.


Here's a brief snippet from an interview Papelbon did on MLB Network Radio, in which he dares to besmirch the growing legend of Yasiel Puig:


OK, sure, Puig hasn't yet played 30 major-league games, and his inclusion on the all-star team may very well rob a deserving veteran of a trip to Citi Field. Having said that, Jonathan Papelbon can piss off. The all-star game—which is routinely boring as shit—is supposed to be fun, and it would be dumb if one of the game's most exciting players was kept out of it. I'd much rather watch Puig get an at-bat or two and patrol right field for a few innings than I would Hunter Pence or Shin-Soo Choo.

Since this is baseball, though, Puig will most likely be left off the roster, and we in turn will end up finding other ways to occupy ourselves during the all-star game.

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