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GSTF Book Tour Stop: Alameda, California

The God Save The Fan tour hit Alameda, California, last night, a city we'd never visited before. It's really quite nice; we counted more coffee shops than bail bondsmen, and that's usually a good sign. It was really a most enjoyable evening, including cameo appearances by official Deadspin sister and, most important, associate editor Rick Chandler, who, sadly, did not hop on the bar and start dancing. Next time. You can find pictures right here.


The highlight was the gentleman pictured above, who, amazingly, has a tattoo of The Buzzsaw That Is The Arizona Cardinals. It's the older, calmer bird. He says he got the tattoo during the Buzzsaw's playoff "run" in 1998. We honestly have never been more impressed with another human being.

No tour stop tonight, because it's a really long drive to Seattle. We're taking a pit stop in Eugene, Oregon, tonight, before the Friday night shindiggery. Next stop: Seattle!

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