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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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We didn't take many pictures from our reading in Champaign yesterday, so we'll just quickly recap it by saying it's very nice when professors at your old journalism school make their students come to your readings. It thickens the crowd, brings more fascinating questions and, you know, actually assures a female or two will come. So that helps. We had a grand time, though those college students get younger every year.

Now that we're done recapping that, let's get into some brief Big Ten news. First, as you might have heard, Indiana basketball is about to be smacked with some serious recruiting allegations. We'd take more glee in that if we didn't have a pretty solid feeling that the same thing's gonna happen to our Illini football team in a couple of years.


But more to the point ... we learned that they don't have the Big Ten Network ... on campus! Do you realize how insane that is? Actual real, live students were unable to watch the Illini's win over Minnesota last night ... unless they went to a bar. Which, of course, is exactly what your institute of higher learning should be encouraging you to do. They're even fed up with it at Indiana.

We cannot overstate how idiotic that is. We are still shaking our head. Amazing.

Anyway, thanks, Champaign. Next stop: St. Louis!

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