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After the last month of madness, lunacy and a constantly clicking odometer, we were quite pleased to return to New York last night for the first of our two NYC readings to close this first tour leg out. Unfortunately, nobody took any pictures — or at least nobody sent us any — so instead we decided to just post this circa-2002, pre-Deadspin picture of us and The Balls. (There's actually a rundown of the reading here.)


As always, we had a grand time last night, and it was fun to have a mixture of off-site friends and Deadspin folk meet up afterwards. (It's like when a friend from high school meets a friend from college.) Afterwards, we hit a bar called The Patriot, which played Merle Haggard at extremely high decibels. Tough to beat that.

Anyway, thanks, Manhattan. Next stop, tonight, to wrap this puppy up, Brooklyn!

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