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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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We had about 30 people at our Oak Brook Borders reading last night, and that's about 28 more than we were expecting. It was freezing, snowing like crazy and, of course, way out in the freaking suburbs. But somehow, people dragged themselves through the cold to watch us wear the same thing we've been wearing for about four years two days.

Once people actually filed in, we had a grand time, run down excellently (and 100 percent accurately!) right here. (The obligatory Flickr shots are here.) The highlight was one of our fine commenters, during our daily Rocker reenactment, playing us and doing a stuttering, speed-talking impersonation of us that was so dead on, we'll be hearing it in our nightmares.


But yes: Grandness in Oak Brook. (We'll try to make it to the city next time.) Next stop: Champaign!

We apologize, by the way: We haven't been to the gym in a month because of this tour and are feeling gross and out of shape. We have a problem, we know.

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