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GSTF Book Tour Stop: Washington, D.C.

As you've surely noticed by the obsessively rigid timestamps on almost every Deadspin post, which are the same every day, we're kind of anal retentive about time. We hate to be late anywhere — in fact, we're usually half an hour early to everything — and our life is meticulously scheduled. It kind of has to be. So when we realized that we were going to be half an hour late to the Georgetown reading last night, we began rapping our head against the Amtrak window repeatedly. It drives us a little more nuts than it might most people.

Turns out, yesterday some sad soul on the East Coast decided to commit suicide by jumping in front of an Amtrak train. This forced all trains to run about two hours late. This was described to passengers as a "track obstruction." If this guy knew that his life's epitaph would be a "track obstruction," he probably would have killed himself all over again.


So anyway, we finally arrived to a surprisingly formidable crowd, but we did our thing and then drank too much afterwards, which is why the site's going to suck today. (Hey. It's a Friday.) And thus ends the first leg of this endless, awesome tour. We're back in NYC next week for two readings, and then we're taking a freaking vacation so we can see people's faces rather than just a shifting unfocused flipshow of vague images.

So, thanks, Washington, D.C. Next stop: New York City!

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