Guess Hugh's Back?

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The Hugh Johnson Project, that is the one who is back!

It seems like only three years and three days ago that the Mighty MJD unveiled his weekly reader-fueled college football feature on the quivering, pre-Twitter masses. If you're new to the project, here is his original manifesto, which is just as applicable today:

What is hopefully going to make the Hugh Johnson Weekend Project a success is what makes Deadspin itself so awesome: You. The idea is to have people who are watching different games in different parts of the country send their observations in, and the best of them will be compiled into one informative, entertaining, pants-tightening post that touches on a bunch of different games. Ideally, there will be a few of these throughout the day on Saturdays and Sundays (when we'll be starting a little earlier than usual).

When games start on Saturday (and eventually, on Sundays), if you've got a thought or observation on something noteworthy happening in the game you're watching, send it via AOL Instant Messenger to ["The Hugh Johnson" or, via Twitter @TheHughJohnson]. It could be anything from a particularly amusing Steve Spurrier tantrum, a brawl erupting in a MAC game or a third-string tight end for William & Mary has an embarrassing stain on the back of his pants.

And there you have it. Meet us at "The Hugh Johnson" on AIM, or at @TheHughJohnson on Twitter. We'll be the ones wearing the beer helmet and disturbingly short cut-off jersey.