Gus Kenworthy's Love For Puppies Has Him Stuck In Sochi

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Remember when Olympic skier Gus Kenworthy found all the puppies? Well, it appears that Kenworthy has become attached to the strays, and is taking steps to bring them back to Colorado with him. Kenworthy is so committed to bringing those puppies home that he is staying in Sochi a few days longer than he had planned to while he waits for the necessary paperwork to be finished.


From 7 News:

Kenworthy wasn't kidding. He is taking all five dogs back to the U.S. with him, but getting the paperwork done is taking some time.

A U.S. skiing official says Kenworthy had to push back his plans so the dogs can join him for the long trip halfway across the world back home.


Here's another picture of the puppies:


Those are good doggies.

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