Guy Buys $1 Stanley Cup Tickets; StubHub Takes Them Away

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Thanks to yet another StubHub seller who is bad at decimal places, a New York Rangers fan was able to purchase a few tickets for Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals for $1 each (the purchase came with a $8.20 service fee, but who's complaining?). Unfortunately, this lucky Rangers fan probably won't end up attending any Stanley Cup Finals games.

The $1 tickets were purchased by Kavi Arora, who tells that the morning after he snagged the tickets, he received an email from StubHub letting him know that his purchase had been cancelled. StubHub has done things like this before, most recently when a guy was able to buy a World Series ticket for $6, but they usually settle things with the buyer by giving them a comparably priced ticket. Not this time:

If the seller backs out, the company promises to provide the buyer with comparable seats or a refund. StubHub offered—surprise!—to give back his $12, but said that there were no comparable seats at that price. The company then offered to give him a $300 voucher for his trouble, but Arora wasn't budging.


A $300 voucher isn't going to do dick for Arora, though, because the cheapest Game 6 ticket that's currently available on StubHub is priced at $1,686.00. Maybe he could use the voucher to buy tickets to a Springsteen concert or something.

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